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Domino’s UK Twitter Campaign

Brief: Increase engagement with unique interactive offers and content

Domino’s UK Twitter campaign – in the name of cheap pizza.

Concept: Domino’s reduce the price of the star pizza according to how may people tweeted in time for lunch – knocking the price down from ­£15.99 to £7.74. To participate tweeps had to include the hashtag #letsdolunch in their tweets to knock down the price of a large pepperoni pizza.


For every tweet sent, a minimum of £0.01 would be knocked off the price of the pizza – the max lowest price would be £6.59.

The specially priced pizza can be ordered through the Tweet for Treat Facebook tab between 12-3pm GMT, but only by those who follow Domino’s UK on Twitter and like their Facebook page

Dominos UK Twitter Account:

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