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We offer a full range of digital marketing solutions including SEO, PPC, Web Design and App Development however our key strength lies with our Social Media Marketing expertise. We provide complete end to end management as well as training solutions.


Complete management of your social channels and digital marketing


Support and delivery of aspects of your digital and social marketing campaigns


Industry leading training courses specifically for social media management

Social Content

Including Article Writing, Whitepapers, Infographics, Video and stills for your tweets posts and updates


We build your social media, content marketing and digital strategies

Paid Social and PPC

Using our specialist software we mange your paid social and PPC campaigns


We can optimise your digital presence for maximum leverage and seo


Analysis of campaigns and digital footprint with regular reporting on growth, ROI and competitor intelligence

Marketplace Research

In depth analysis of competitors and target audience to help construct strategies based on solid metrics

Landing Pages

Psychologically and aesthetically tested landing pages to generate leads


Social media apps for facebook and other platforms

Platform and Web Design

Complete graphical and functional design of your social media presence as well as web design and development where required



We aim to please our clients and develop lasting relationships. Below are some of our projects.





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    Social Media

    Social Media is our specialty and as such we have a full range of services which can support your organisation.


    We offer Social Media Management of your complete social presence


    Consulting services to boost and add to your social media activity


    Training for staff and ongoing technical support


    Optimisation of existing social channels


    Analysis of competitors, audience and brand sentiment as well as growth over a prolonged time.


    We offer complete bespoke social channel and Content Strategy over the course of 3 months, 6months or a year for your company


    Management of your Paid Social activities to generate maximum ROI


    Landing Page and offer design as well as Platform Design


    We also offer expansive Content Creation services including Article Writing, White Papers, Infographics, Tweets, Youtube Videos, Vine Videos, Pinterest Content, Instagram Images, Memes, Facebook Posts, Google+ Posts, Linkedin Articles and much much more.

    Business Services

    Brightbeam offers Web Design services for SMEs and Corporations with a vast portfolio available. We also offer SEO services and Content Creation. We can manage your Social Advertising and PPC campaigns. Let one of our account managers guide you through our services. Reach out to us via the contact form to your left and we will be happy to help.

    Training Courses

    BrightBeam offers Industry Leading Training Courses in Social Media Marketing which include:

    Social Media 101: An Introduction to Social Media for Business

    Social Media 102: Basic Social Strategy for Facebook & Twitter

    Social Media 103: Basic Social Strategy for Google+ & LinkedIn

    Social Media 104: Social Listening – Competitor and Audience Analysis

    Social Media 105: Analytics and Basic Software Training

    Social Media 106: Hootsuite

    Social Media 108: Sprout Social

    Social Media 109: Radian 6

    Social Media 110: Sysomos

    Social Media 111: Advanced Social Strategy

    Social Media 112: Social Listening & Real Time Interaction

    Social Media 113: Escalation, Best Practices & Crisis Management

    Social Media 114: Social Psychology

    Social Media 115: B2B and B2C Social Marketing

    Social Media 116: Paid Social: Twitter & Facebook Targeting

    Social Media 117: Intro To: Vine, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare & Other Social Channels

    Social Media 118: Paid Social: Pinterest & Other Platforms

    Social Media 119: Advanced Content Strategy I

    Social Media 120: Advanced Content Strategy 2

    Social Media 121: Social Media For Customer Service

    Social Media 122: Brand Image and Sentiment

    Social Media 123: Facebook – An In-Depth Look

    Social Media 123: Twitter – An In-Depth Look

    Social Media 124: Google+ & LinkedIn An In-Depth Look

    Social Media 125: Optimisation and SEO


    And many more.

    We can create a bespoke syllabus designed for your business needs and objectives.